Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Lucy...TO THE RESCUE!!!

We had a "fun" experience today. Wade and Anna were out on the balcony and I went out there to ask Wade a question. I shut the door behind me so that I wouldn't let out all of the cold air and somehow locked the door behind me. Lucy was sleeping downstairs and Wade, Anna, Spencer and I were locked outside!! I felt like I was in of those sitcoms when everyone is watching you shut the door and thinking, "Don't shut the door, it will lock!!" Too bad I didn't have a live studio audience to warn me with their astonished gasp.

At first I felt a little panicky and I seriously contemplated making Wade jump off the balcony and walk around to our garage to let us in. Then I realized that Lucy would wake up soon and we could tell her to open the door. So we waited out there for about 15 minutes or so and along came Lucy. She had just barely woken up so she was a little groggy and probably confused that we were all out there, but not coming inside to see her. She came over to us and we convinced her to unlock the door (she had to push it up to unlock it), but she immediately pushed it down again. We all said, "NO! Push it up!" and some of us started laughing. I think we hurt her feelings or scared her because she started crying and ran across the house into my bedroom. Eventually, I convinced her to come back and unlock the door. Hooray for Lucy! I don't know what we would have done without her! I guess Wade would have had to make that jump. I have learned my lesson to never shut a door that locks behind me. Or at least to make sure that it's not in the locking position. Now we have a good story to tell and a silly memory.


Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

i can serioulsy see and hear this all happening in my head with you and wade laughing haha!!
BTW, wade I am the bear leader too and I LOVE IT!! How did you sew everything on your shirt though? by hand? i have to do brians shirt and dont know if I shoudl do it by hand or machine!

StichtFam said...

I did it by machine, except for the one on the sleeve pocket. It took me about three hours all together though.