Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lucy's went to her first birthday party

Lucy went to her first birthday party (Anna came, too). It was a Dora themed party and they got to go on a Dora adventure. Swiper the Fox stole the Dora pinata and they had to go through the musical garden, star catcher's pond and over bubble bridge to find the pinata. The kids loved it! Thanks, Melissa! We had fun.

Lucy, Cheyenne (Lucy calls her sunshine), and Anna at the playground

My favorite picture ever! I couldn't get Anna to try the glasses on. Thankfully, Lucy is young enough to not feel self-conscious and to believe you when you tell her how cute she looks!

Those are the backpacks they took on the Dora adventure.

Sweet sisters!
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Melissa said...

I found your blog! Cute pictures, Lucy has the sweetest little cheeks, love it!