Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Lucy...TO THE RESCUE!!!

We had a "fun" experience today. Wade and Anna were out on the balcony and I went out there to ask Wade a question. I shut the door behind me so that I wouldn't let out all of the cold air and somehow locked the door behind me. Lucy was sleeping downstairs and Wade, Anna, Spencer and I were locked outside!! I felt like I was in of those sitcoms when everyone is watching you shut the door and thinking, "Don't shut the door, it will lock!!" Too bad I didn't have a live studio audience to warn me with their astonished gasp.

At first I felt a little panicky and I seriously contemplated making Wade jump off the balcony and walk around to our garage to let us in. Then I realized that Lucy would wake up soon and we could tell her to open the door. So we waited out there for about 15 minutes or so and along came Lucy. She had just barely woken up so she was a little groggy and probably confused that we were all out there, but not coming inside to see her. She came over to us and we convinced her to unlock the door (she had to push it up to unlock it), but she immediately pushed it down again. We all said, "NO! Push it up!" and some of us started laughing. I think we hurt her feelings or scared her because she started crying and ran across the house into my bedroom. Eventually, I convinced her to come back and unlock the door. Hooray for Lucy! I don't know what we would have done without her! I guess Wade would have had to make that jump. I have learned my lesson to never shut a door that locks behind me. Or at least to make sure that it's not in the locking position. Now we have a good story to tell and a silly memory.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Born to be a Scout

Wade got called to be the Bear leader for scouts. He was soooo excited! Having a calling in scouts has always been his dream. He bought his shirt the other day and sewed on all of the patches (yes, he did it himself). Then he stood in the mirror smiling at himself and saying things like, "I'm a good lookin' guy" or "You gotta love a man in uniform." When he said, "I was born to be a scout", I knew it was blog worthy.
The Bears are lucky to have such an enthusiastic leader! Go Wade!!
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Fantastic Contraptions

I just found this weirdly challenging flash game. The object is to build a michine that will transport an object to a specified area using simple wheels and rods. There's a short tutotrial to introduce you to the game and then you're on your own. Give it a try the next time you've got a few minutes (or more).

Thanks to the Woot! blog for this discovery.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Water Olympics

Our ward had a water Olympics activity. Look at how many kids came! It's such a change from our Texas ward, everyone here is so active and involved. It seems I need to clarify that last comment. We loved our Texas ward, there were some great members. But we all know that there was a definite lacking in members attending ward functions (especially primary activities). Also there were a lot less kids in that ward!

That's our Bishop that the kids are squirting in the face. Good thing he's wearing that mask!

Classic water squirting face!

Lucy was afraid of the water balloon toss so Anna helped her.

This game had something to do with missionaries.

As you can see they had lots of fun!

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Lucy's went to her first birthday party

Lucy went to her first birthday party (Anna came, too). It was a Dora themed party and they got to go on a Dora adventure. Swiper the Fox stole the Dora pinata and they had to go through the musical garden, star catcher's pond and over bubble bridge to find the pinata. The kids loved it! Thanks, Melissa! We had fun.

Lucy, Cheyenne (Lucy calls her sunshine), and Anna at the playground

My favorite picture ever! I couldn't get Anna to try the glasses on. Thankfully, Lucy is young enough to not feel self-conscious and to believe you when you tell her how cute she looks!

Those are the backpacks they took on the Dora adventure.

Sweet sisters!
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Monday, August 11, 2008

31 is lots of fun!!

I had my 31st birthday, it was fun. Wade tried to make it special for me. We actually went on a date together. We played tennis (my choice). Wade doesn't like to play tennis with me because I always hit the ball too hard and he has to go find them. We had fun and I think I have convinced him that we need to keep playing together. The better we get, the more fun we'll have!

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Spencer's First Taste of Cereal

My doctor told me to start Spencer on rice cereal. I thought it was a little early, Anna and Lucy didn't start until 6 months and Spencer is 4 months. I did it, though and of course I had to post pictures with his cute reactions.

I love this face. It looks like he's thinking, "What is this nasty paste your putting in my mouth?!!"

Another good one.

Anna and Lucy thought Spencer's reaction was hilarious. They laughed the whole time we fed him.
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More Beach Fun

We went to a Foothill Ranch Ward Reunion (our ward when we lived in California previously) a couple of weekends ago. It was great to see our old ward members. A lot of them had no idea that we had moved to Texas and back. Friday night there had a talent show and Saturday there was a beach party. Wade and the kids had lots of fun playing in the sand and water. I took it easy and hung out with Spencer and my book.

This is what Spencer looks like at the beach, all bundled up. It gets cold at the beach, it's not like they show you in the movies. At least not in Orange County. It gets hot when the sun comes out, but it's usually overcast.

Burying Anna

This is how I spent my time at the beach: reading Breaking Dawn. I think Spencer enjoyed it, too.

Burying Lucy
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Sisters With Bangs and Desitin Hands

Lucy never keeps her hair fixed and I got really sick of looking at the food-crusted hair in her face all of the time, so I cut bangs. Anna also wanted bangs because Lucy and I had them. Now we are all girls with bangs.

One of the many joys of finding Lucy when she has been quiet for too long! I guess I shouldn't take pictures of these things, she's going to think she's doing something good because mommy's taking her picutre. I just wanted everyone to feel the joy I felt when I found her this way.

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Back to the Beach part 2

For some reason I couldn't post this picture with the rest, but I just had to! She's so stinkin' cute.

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Back to the Beach

This was our first trip back to the beach, it was COLD that day. The girls didn't seem to mind, though.

Sandcastle fun with Dad

Anna's sandcastle creation

Serious contemplation at the beach.

Lucy drinking ocean water, I wish I got a picture of her face after she drank it.

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Cutest Kids EVER!!

Here are some recent-ish pictures of my kids. My sister took these when she was in town for Spencer's baby blessing in June. I love these pictures of my kids, they look like child models.

Spencer- you've got to love his dimples!

Lucy- she's so photogenic!!

Anna- she's pretty even with messy hair!
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Independance Day

OK, so we're a month behind on the Holidays-big whoop! That's how we roll now that we're back in Cali.

Here are some pics from our Fourth of July parade:

Lucy = 2 cute 2 B 4 gotten!

Spencer was rather nonplussed by all the hubbub. He opted for "naptime" most of the day.

Anticipating Anna

Smiles on the kids' faces are what it's all about--right? Oh yeah--candy, too!

The parade took place on the street in front of our house. I could have thrown rocks from our balcony to our parade spot (I didn't, but I could have). The candy-tossing-kids in the parade were treating all the spectators like targets. There was a group that even had marshmallow blowguns, and some of those kids were aiming point-blank at our heads. Kids...
The town threw a huge shindig all day long at the park across the street from us, complete with classic rock cover band and all! The day ended with an amazing fireworks show that we watched from our balcony. The girls were terrified, and I was ecstatic. It was a super day.
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Dollar Store Fashion Show

On the day we moved from Texas, I took the girls to the dollar store to get some fun stuff for the trip to California. We found these lovely hat-wigs, and the girls were more than happy to try them on and pose for the adoring camera. I love that they just happened to be wearing shirts that matched the hair color.

Aren't they the cutest?
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