Monday, August 11, 2008

31 is lots of fun!!

I had my 31st birthday, it was fun. Wade tried to make it special for me. We actually went on a date together. We played tennis (my choice). Wade doesn't like to play tennis with me because I always hit the ball too hard and he has to go find them. We had fun and I think I have convinced him that we need to keep playing together. The better we get, the more fun we'll have!

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Lindsey V said...

Happy, happy birthday Leslie!! Isn't age the weirdest thing? I think 30 year olds (us) are still just kids. It's crazy.

Cyndi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I think that I am getting senile in my old age because I actually forgot this year-I'm usually so good at remembering. Sorry! I hope it was happy!

P.S. Ben would be jealous of Wade for you being the one who wants to play tennis! He always has to drag me to play.

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

I am in love with you and Lucy's hair!! I love them!! You girls all look sooo cute!
And I love that you are beaching so much! Looks like fun, even though we miss you... I will be happy for you there!