Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Birthdays

Lucy's 4th Birthday

We celebrated her birthday at Disneyland. Unfortunately, we didn't take any other pictures, not even of the birthday cupcakes!
First friend birthday party (princess themed, of course!)

The Ariel birthday cake was a huge hit with the girls at the party.
Thanks Jodie! She can do a cake for you, too! Here's her blog:

The birthday girl. I like to keep the parties simple. We invited a few friends to the park, played, ate, did a craft, and had a treasure hunt for gift bags. Easy and fun!

Look at that happy Lucy, I think she had a good first friend party.

Anna's 8th Birthday

We told Anna that she could get her ears pierced on her eighth birthday. This is her right after.

Birthday celebration with the fam. I did cupcakes because she was already had a cake at her friend birthday party.

Anna's Friend Birthday Party

She wanted a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. Nice freezer burn! It still tasted good.

We invited 15 girls to her party, it was loud. Wade was supposed to be there to help, but he got called out of town on a job at the last minute. I handled it pretty well by myself. It was loud and crazy, but they had fun. They helped make pizza (ate 5 of them), watched a movie (Bolt), ate loads of candy and popcorn, and had ice cream cake. Sorry if anyone came home with a tummy ache! I couldn't believe how much those girls ate!

View from our third level, so many girls.

The aftermath.

Spencer's 2nd Birthday

We spent the day celebrating at Disneyland (We celebrated for Anna, too. Their birthdays are two days apart).

Another Jodie cake! Spencer loved it!

This kid is always drooling, but he's still cute!

Look at how much he is enjoying that cake! He's so happy!

I love Lucy's pose in this one.

I love this cutie picture, a little cutie and a big cutie. I don't thnk I used cutie enough in that sentence.
Sorry, no Wade or Leslie pictures on their birthdays. Somehow we always forget to take them!

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