Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spencer is six months!! (13 days ago)

I can't believe Spencer is already six months!! It has passed so quickly. I totally understand where it came from and why there is the phrase "mama's boy". I just love my little boy (I love my little girls, too); there's just something so sweet about little boys. Here are some cutie pictures of Spencer through his short, but fast lifetime. WARNING: this blog entry may contain lots of photographs and things that only a mom (or family members) would care about.

I could only find thumbnail size pictures of these ones, but I love them so I put them on anyway.

Look at those chunky cheeks!!! I think his cheeks were bigger at birth than they are now.

So sweeet!!

I love his little dimples!

I love how it looks like Lucy is strangling Spencer. Spencer looks like he's thinking, "If I hold really still, she might let go."

Spencer's first camping trip

Big boy in his big boy chair
Spencer's favorite things:
Playing with his toes
Chewing on his toes
Pulling hair
His sister's (even though they maul him)
He also loves crinkly sounds, anything that I am holding, playing with his toy chicken, splashing in water, going outside, playing on his tummy, rolling around and scooting backwards along the floor, and of course,his mommy (daddy, too).
My Favorite things about Spencer:
His big blue eyes

The Spencer face (he looks like this 90% of the time). A little girl in our ward even commented on the fact that his mouth is always open.
I love the squealy sounds he always makes; his backward scooting, his sweet little laugh, when I go to get him in his crib he buries his head on my shoulder and grabs some hair and starts chewing on it (gross to others, only sweet to a mommy); how he always stares at me
and when I look back at him his face breaks out in a huge smile; his chillaxin' personality; his cry that sounds exactly like he is saying waaa-a-a-a-a; the face he pulls when he gets hurt and the cry that goes along with it, and the chicken dance he does (he bobs his head back and forth--kind of like head banging). I could go on and on and on because I love everything about him so I will stop. I am so glad we have our little Spencer!


Lindsey V said...

I know, what is it about little boys? I love them.

I love that mom jeans commercial. My mom would love it if I wore those things.

The Thacker Family said...

I feel the same way about William. He is so sweet. He just melts my heart! Spencer is a cutie. I'm excited for our little boys to play together!