Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st Day of 1st Grade

 Picture #1, Anna the happy!

Picture #2 and she's already sick of me taking pictures of her.
Too bad I am going to take a million more.

A happy one!

Outside of her classroom. It's weird because they do 
everything outside here. They eat outside, their backpacks 
and lunches stay outside, they line up for school outside. 
Also each grade has it's own building so they have to go 
outside to get anywhere else. I guess that's California for you. 

Anna had a good first day despite someone taking her lunchbox on accident and getting into an argument with another girl. She made a new friend that just moved here, too. They both like Littlest Pet Shop and had little animals attached to their backpacks. We missed Anna while she was gone (especially Lucy, she asked me all day long when we were going to go get her), but we are excited for her to be in school. Anna loves school and really thrives when she is in it.
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Lindsey V said...

Her school sounds like a little high school campus or something. How fun!

That's funny about getting locked out on your balcony. I can just see you guys waiting outside for Lucy to wake up. Hehe.

YeatesFam5 said...

Cute pics! Glad you had a pretty good day Anna and made a new friend. Kimball sure misses playing with you!

Kimbooly said...

I still haven't even taken pics of the first day of school. I'm thinking we'll take pics of the second week of school, instead...

Kimbooly said...

We still haven't even taken first day pics. I think we'll end up taking second week of school pics instead.... It seems everything I do is a little lagged.

One year I sent our Christmas letter in May. I'm still proud that I actually got it out. I haven't sent a mailed one since then, just send out an email. SO many fewer steps (Write the letter in Word, add some cute graphics, and add the Word document as an attachment).

In the words of the title on one of my dear friend's blog: "Every Little Bit Counts."

Lori said...

Yay, Anna! Enjoy first grade! We miss you here at Chavez!
Mrs. Callaway