Friday, June 8, 2007

What the blog?!?

Like me, you may have heard the word blog a lot lately. And, like me, you may wonder what a blog is. Well, you're at one. Apparently, "blog" is a web-savvy, overly-technical synonym for journal or diary.

This journal will give a running history of the Wade and Leslie Sticht family, or the "StichtFam". We'll start with a brief history of ourselves and how we got mixed-up together and then try to bring you quickly up-to-date on our lives. We'll also post photos and videos (if possible) of our lovely daughters, Anna and Lucy. Our intention is to keep it updated regularly so that despite whatever distance separates us and you, you'll still feel like a part of our lives.

This is a private blog, available to family members and friends only, so please help us keep it that way. If there's someone that you want to share this site with, please let us know and we'll send an invitation. And of course, if there's anything you want to see, read or hear on this site, let us know! Happy blogging!